Below is the list of 10 fresh WordPressWordPress WordPress ( is a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL that is usually used with the MySQL or MariaDB database servers but can also use the SQLite database engine. plugins in October 2019. All the below plugins are hosted on the

So, Let’s check what’s new in them!

List of Plugins

Meteo Meteo

The best French weather forecast widget plugin! offers an accurate weather forecast for all cities around the world. Just set the city and country and embed the widget in your website/blog. Widgets are free of charge Widget style can be customized Responsive weather widget No development skills are needed High performance and lightweight code…

Developed By: meteoart
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Automate WP Posts With Webhooks Automate WP Posts With Webhooks

Send posts to an online automation tool such as Zapier, to automate tasks. Features: Store WP posts in your Google Spreadsheet. See, Send Email/SMS alert when a post is published. See, Share WP posts in social medias such as Facebook, Twitter etc. And many more with Zapier, and more. Documentation Enter…

Developed By: Sanjeev Aryal
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Ticketrilla: Server Ticketrilla: Server

You can to give support for buyers of your themes and plugins of more convenient way with Ticketrilla! How it works? Ticketrilla works very simply – directly connects the developer’s and client’s admin panels through plugins. The developer installs the “Ticketrilla: Server” plugin. After that clients can connect to it through “Ticketrilla: Client” and receive…

Developed By: Daniil Babkin
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WebPlus Gateway for LiqPay on WooCommerce WebPlus Gateway for LiqPay on WooCommerce

Добавления способа оплаты LiqPay для WooCommerce. В этой версии плагина Вы сможете только оплачивать товары из корзины вашего интернет магазина выбрав способ оплаты LiqPay. Но в этой версии нет callback на ваш сайт после оплаты. Сallback – это обращения к вашему сайту по API с сервиса liqpay для уведомления Вас, что деньги поступили на счет…

Developed By: WebPlus
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This Plugin generate QR Code for post/all post types url and showing under every posts/all post types. You can exclude any post type using our filter hook. Github Project & Details Using/credit 3rd Party services QR ME Md Abul Bashar

Developed By: Md Abul Bashar
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Sufias Daily Gift Sufias Daily Gift

A brief Markdown Example Markdown uses email style notation for blockquotes and I’ve been told: Asterisks for emphasis. Double it up for strong. <?php code(); // goes in backticks ?>

Developed By: Zable Technologies
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Lab My Tasks Lab My Tasks

This plugin create a Custom Post Type “My tasks” with a metabox. This plugin is very simple, it only serves to write daily, weekly, monthly and annual the tasks.

Developed By: Labarta
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oneClick oneClick

Indispensable help in WordPress for every day. Create your own admin menu, which you can reach from your frontend. With a single click, you can view your Woocommerce orders, product listings. You could create a new page or go anywhere within your admin interface. You can also create your own links. Be a part of…

Developed By: DC
Useful Links: Home Page

WooText WooText

The WooText is a small lightweight plugin to edit or customize the WooCommerce default buttons, badges, and texts easily using the customizer. By installing it you will be able to change the “Add to Cart” button text to anything you want.

Developed By: BroadBrander
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Speed Up – Page Cache Speed Up – Page Cache

Speed Up – Page Cache was constructed for made caching dead simple. Simple one-click install. That’s it. No config are provided. Improves the SEO and user experience of your site by increasing website performance, reducing load times. You can choose which page don’t cache in several way. Adding a filter in your function.php, eg.: function…

Developed By: Simone Nigro
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