Below is the list of 10 new WordPressWordPress WordPress ( is a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL that is usually used with the MySQL or MariaDB database servers but can also use the SQLite database engine. free plugins in October 2019. All the below plugins are hosted on the

So, Let’s check what’s new in them!

List of Plugins

Arha Routes Arha Routes

WordPress plugin that helps to serve content through REST routes and gives customizability to developers through filters. Available Routes /wp-json/arha/v1/post?post_type=POST_TYPE&slug=SLUG /wp-json/arha/v1/page?path=PATH /wp-json/arha/v1/options /wp-json/arha/v1/archive?post_type=POST_TYPE&posts_per_page=POSTS_PER_PAGE&paged=PAGED&orderby=ORDERBY&order=ORDER(&meta_key=META_KEY) Filters To exclude querying specific post types from post– and archive-routes, you can use following filters: add_filter(‘arha_routes/archive_excluded_post_types’, ‘exclude_post_types’); add_filter(‘arha_routes/post_excluded_post_types’, ‘exclude_post_types’); function exclude_post_types($excluded_post_types) { $excluded_post_types = [‘post’]; return $excluded_post_types; } To format post-route’s…

Developed By: Atte Liimatainen
Useful Links: Home Page

WoPo Toolkit WoPo Toolkit

Our plugin has a lot of functions help you customize your WordPress site and other plugins function. Our plugin provides solutions and features for other themes or plugins: Woocommerce Keep only first product tab Show Biographical Info and Profile Picture on My Account Hide Choose an option NBDesigner Show Popup after process Add stylesheet inline…

Developed By: WoPo
Useful Links: Home Page

SimpLy Gallery Blocks is a suite of beautiful gallery Gutenberg blocks for photographers, artists, writers and content marketers. SimpLy Gallery Blocks is a friendly, easy-to-use gallery plugin with a list of advanced options for creating responsive image galleries with a beautiful lightbox. A short demo of SimpLy Gallery Blocks In this video you will see…

Developed By: GalleryCreator
Useful Links: Home Page

Mockups Mockups

Showcase your app and UI right from WordPress. Choose from a selection of beautiful and free iPhone X mockup photos Simply add your screenshot, no need to open your image editor Works with themes that support Gutenberg Blocks Usage This plugin works best with a Gutenberg compatible theme. View or create a post or page…

Developed By: Launch UI
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Word of the day Word of the day

word of the day plugin is used to update daily with new word with meaning of the word in sidebar.this plugin is used to marketinig your blog or website. macking your website or blog updated with this plugin. Auto update widget with new word and description of word or meaning of the word

Developed By: Pratik Bharodiya
Useful Links: Home Page

Social Images Widget Social Images Widget

Social Images Widget is a no fuss, simple to use WordPress widget to display your latest Instagram photos. Due to the changes in the way the Instagram API can be utilized, this widget can only be used to display your own own profile info and media. Inspired by the simplicity of the WP Instagram Widget…

Developed By: LyraThemes
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Face Authentication Login Face Authentication Login

This plugin let you enable face login without using password. Thus, you don’t have to worry about keyloggers stealing your password. Why using face authentication for WordPress login? WordPress has grown so much since its beginning. People use WordPress for various purposes including building a store, create API and of course blogging. With its popularity…

Developed By: DataPeen
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More Better Reviews for WooCommerce More Better Reviews for WooCommerce

Our Vision is that better reviews in WooCommerce and in Trusted Shops will bring you this 5 advantages: Customer trust Rising credibility Higher organic traffic Improved product descriptions Increased sales rate This is an WP2LEADS Add-on Plugin ( and contains my Klick Tipp experience since 2014. By the way, with WP2LEADS you can connect your…

Developed By: Tobias Conrad
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Bargain Bot for WooCommerce Bargain Bot for WooCommerce

Allow shoppers to Make Their Offer Now with a Bargaining ChatBot. Win more customers with smart price negotiations. Allow your customers to make an offer on your price and bargain. The ChatBot will Negotiate to more than a minimum price set by you. Capture shoppers while they have a high intent to purchase. The Make…

Developed By: QunatumCloud
Useful Links: Home Page

Piri FAQ AI Assistant Piri FAQ AI Assistant

The plugin is an Open-Source web widget for adding a FAQ AI Assistant for your Website powered by PIRI AI. It comes with a flexibility to change the Bot’s Name, Icon, and the overall Colour to match your company’s identity. You can share the FAQ for your company with PIRI to get your FAQ built…

Developed By: PIRI
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