Below is the list of 10 fresh WordPressWordPress WordPress ( is a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL that is usually used with the MySQL or MariaDB database servers but can also use the SQLite database engine. plugins in September 2019. All the below plugins are hosted on the

So, Let’s check what’s new in them!

List of Plugins

Change My Login Change My Login

Change My Login Plugin provide to change wordpress admin login url change and provide protection from brute force.

I hope you enjoy using “Change My Login”.

Thank you

Nikunj Bhimani

Developed By: Nikunj Bhimani
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BoaCompra Payment for WooCommerce BoaCompra Payment for WooCommerce

Plugin de pagamentos digitais para Woocommerce. Efetue e acompanhe os pagamentos digitais de forma rápida e segura.
* Compatível com WooCommerce 3.0+.
* Testado e desenvolvido com base na API v.2 do BoaCompra;
* Compatível com PHP 5.4.x à 7.x.x;
* Requer a biblioteca cURL ativa na hospedagem.
* Obrigatório o uso de certificado SSL com o protocolo TLS 1.2;

Developed By: iPag
Useful Links: Home Page

Change Responsive Images Change Responsive Images

With the request that search engines ask around images, is difficulty to manager the right sizes and have a good crop for each image size that we have on our theme.

With that in mind, we create an option to replace just one size of the image, then when the image shows up on mobile or tablet, it will show de crop that you choose instead the one that WordPress made.

Developed By: Richard Venancio
Useful Links: Home Page

WP Date and Time Shortcode WP Date and Time Shortcode

Use this plugin if you want to display a current, past or future date or time that may or may not change during every new visit of the specific page or post.

WARNING: If you are using a caching plugin you may need to exclude the page or post from it so the content may be generated dynamically with every single visit.

Developed By: aka SoftShop Ltd
Useful Links: Home Page

Super Simple Quiz Super Simple Quiz

For the teacher, this is an easy way to create an online questionnaire after completing a topic. You can write down questions in advance and prepare answers. Each answer or answers can be marked as true and will then be used in calculating the results of the user. Moreover, you can upload pictures to the questionnaire. You can also create an unlimited number of questions and answers.

Developed By: glazyrinae
Useful Links: Home Page

Very Simple WP MakerMap Very Simple WP MakerMap

Very Simple WP Maker Map is a plugin to create customized map easily by means of a simple form. We use the OpenLayers library and OpenStreetMap.

This is how it works:

Developed By: Juan Chaves
Useful Links: Home Page

Upload Directory Cleaner Upload Directory Cleaner

Upload Directory Cleaner scans through your WordPress upload directory searching for all files not being registered in your Media Library. After the scan, choose which files to delete from the list showing all unregistered files.


  • Archive Directory
  • Scan Directory (Settings: Exclude top-level directories and files from the scan or add custom ignore strings.)
  • Delete Files (Settings: Keep Thumbnails, Delete Empty Directories)

Developed By: Elias Lackner
Useful Links: Home Page

About Author Box About Author Box

Easily display an information box for the post author after or before post content.

Aside of the automatic display before post content and after post content you can also use a shortcode to display an author box. The shortcode is [about_author_box]

Developed By: WPKube
Useful Links: Home Page

Ip Block for gravity forms Ip Block for gravity forms

You will be able to block User IP as per Gravity Form from submitting form request in Gravity Forms Entries

Developed By: Ignite Media Solution
Useful Links: Home Page

WPUrdu WPUrdu

WP Urdu is simple and efficient Urdu writing plugin, this plugin will allow you to write Urdu with in the WordPress editors. When you will write roman Urdu like Text “Mujhay Urdu Likhna Pasand Hai” in editor It will convert that to “مجھے اردو لکھنا پسند ہے”. You can enable this option by clicking the button over editors.

Plugin Features

Developed By: Hassan Ali
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