Below is the list of 10 fresh WordPressWordPress WordPress ( is a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL that is usually used with the MySQL or MariaDB database servers but can also use the SQLite database engine. plugins in October 2019. All the below plugins are hosted on the

So, Let’s check what’s new in them!

List of Plugins


Wanna make an eLearning / LMS site like Udemy or Skillshare to sell your online courses? Been told by your developer that you need to buy both a membership plugin and a separate LMS plugin to make sure you have your bases covered?? No No No! Forget all that! We got you covered. Just Install…

Developed By: RistrettoApps
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SegMetrics SegMetrics

Connect your SegMetrics account to get unparalleled insights into your visitor journey. [SegMetrics]( is the premier analytics platform for marketing professionals. With over 54 Million leads, $3.2 Billion in revenue, and half a million marketing campaigns, SegMetrics’ mission is to bring smart, actionable, data to marketers everywhere — without all the technical setup and hassle.…

Developed By: SegMetrics
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Time Slots for WooCommerce Time Slots for WooCommerce

Book consulting calls with Time Slots for WooCommerce Time Slots for WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that adds dynamically generated time slots for paid consulting calls. No need for monthly subscriptions to complex online services or cumbersome payment systems. This plugin will enable you to choose the days and times available for your timezone. A…

Developed By: Colby Albarado
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Load Your Site URL in any Page Load Your Site URL in any Page

This plugin use for show duplicate page by URL or load same page in page template by any URL(only of your site).

Developed By: wptutorialcoffee
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Range Slider Contact Form 7 Range Slider Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 Range Slider is a easy to use setup field range in your contact form 7 for your WordPress site. 🔸 Demos Contact Form 7 Range Slider to make attractive design to multiple option on field How it works Calculate contact form 7 Plugin Features Easy use Step Adding Option Prefix On Digit…

Developed By: Ocean Infotech
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You can add only one link to your profile. WP Bio Links is a free plugin designed to help you organize traffic from your profile. Create a customizable landing page that you can add to your bio profile. The landing page holds all the content you wish to share with your followers: articles, newsletters, website…

Developed By: Guglielmo Pepe
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User IP Info User IP Info

This plugin simply display the User current IP address, and location info anywhere with a shortcode. It also allow website admin to display custom message for user in the front end. It is a light weight plugin and easy to install.

Developed By: Adeel Sikander Raja
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Login Captcha Login Captcha

This plugin used to apply/add login captcha field to wordpress login form. Features Extremely easy to use Secure No Admin Settings.

Developed By: Sachin Londhe
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ATOM Appointment Management ATOM Appointment Management

Managing appointments can take up quite some time. ATOM Appointment Management is a new and easy to configure plugin that helps you save time and manage your customer appointments or event registrations. Unlike some solutions that let your customer select appointments via datepicker whenever they like, ATOM Appointment Management gives you full control when you…

Developed By: atomproductions
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Spektra Spektra

Spektra allows you to accept Mobile Money payments in multiple currencies in your WooCommerce shop. It is the fastest Mobile Money checkout which works on the web, mobile and in-app, with a real-time dashboard so you can visualize your transactions. Spektra is currently available in Ghana and Kenya, and supports the following providers, M-PESA, MTN…

Developed By: Spektra Inc.
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