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Visual Composer is now FREE available on WordPress. Get it from Click To Tweet

Introduction Introduction

We know that the Visual Composer is the most popular page builder from the

Now, It is available as FREE on the WordPressWordPress WordPress ( is a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL that is usually used with the MySQL or MariaDB database servers but can also use the SQLite database engine. plugin repository. Download visual composer free. The most interesting thing with this release is:

It builds entirely from scratch!

No more [shortcodes] hell, content locking, or performance compromises. Get the best website builder for your website.

Visual Composer Website Builder is an intuitive drag and drops editor that gives you powerful tools and assets to create a professional WordPress site. Rich library of assets – Visual Composer Hub offers 250+ Templates and Elements, Add-ons, Header, Footer builder, and more.

True DRAG & DROP Website Builder True DRAG & DROP Website Builder

With a drag and drop editor, you can build new layouts or customize existing ones. There is no limit to the variety of layouts, you have complete freedom in creating the most complex website designs.

No Coding Skills Required No Coding Skills Required

You do not have to be a professional website developer to make your own website. The website builder is designed for you to create web pages without any coding skills. Simply select the page template and drag elements across the canvas.

Instant Content Update Instant Content Update

The live design and inline editing allow you to instantly see all the changes you make to your page. A true What You See Is What You Get experience! You can play with the page design until you find the perfect one. Change colors, customize options and parameters, and see the result instantly.

Works With Any WordPress Theme Works With Any WordPress Theme

Visual Composer works with any WordPress theme. You can change the themes to your liking, it will not affect your content. What’s more, the built-in theme builder allows you to override your theme’s default settings.

250+ Templates, Elements & Add-ons 250+ Templates, Elements & Add-ons

Visual Composer Hub, a cloud-based marketplace allows you to download elements, templates, and add-ons on demand. Visual Composer team ads new content to the library on a weekly basis making it an evergreen assets repository. You can add all these assets to your page without leaving the editor. What’s inside the Visual Composer Hub:

Content Elements Content Elements

Slideshows, Tabs, Video, Testimonials, Buttons, Menu, and many more elements can be found in the Visual Composer Hub for free downloading to use anywhere on your page. The appearance, styles, and attributes of the elements can be changed as you wish.

Templates Templates

There are different category templates available for any web project. Templates for a portfolio and business website, online store, landing page, and others. Simply download ready-made templates, content blocks, sidebars, footers, headers or sections and replace them with your own content.

Add-ons Add-ons

Extensions allow you to enhance your Visual Composer experience with advanced add-ons. Global Templates, Import/Export, Gutenberg Block template, and others.

Free Stock Images Free Stock Images

Get free Unsplash stock photos straight from the Visual Composer editor. The stock images can be used for both personal and commercial projects.

Endless Design Options Endless Design Options

Website builder includes powerful design options that allow beginners and experts to create unique page designs. Make custom background effects, take advantage of modern parallax background, control paddings, margins, borders, and radius of any element.

Theme Builder Theme Builder

Visual Composer is an all-in-one plugin that lets you make beautiful websites from header to footer. You can create custom page layouts in a code-free way. Make unique header, footer and sidebar templates to use them throughout your entire WordPress site with the help of Global templates. Additionally, there’s a Dynamic Content feature that allows you design templates with dynamic content placeholders (devs will love it).

Mobile Friendly Mobile Friendly

Being responsive today is essential. Visual Composer makes sure that your website is automatically responsive. Nevertheless, you can adjust the look, width, and behavior to your site for every device: mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Compatibility Elements Compatibility Elements

Visual Composer is compatible with other popular plugins, offering compatibility elements inside its asset library. This means that you can insert these and more plugins directly from the front-end editor:

Developers API Developers API

Visual Composer is not only for the front-end users. With its API in front, developers can integrate the editor in WordPress themes, build extensions, and create custom tools for clients.

Resources for Visual Composer API: Resources for Visual Composer API:

Contributors & Developers Contributors & Developers

If you want to contribute to the development of the Visual Composer plugin, visit the Visual Composer GitHub Repository and help with your knowledge.

Premium Support Premium Support

Visual Composer team provides one-on-one email support that is available to Visual Composer Premium users. However, all Visual Composer users can ask for help in the forum, find answers in our Help Center, or ask for advice to other Visual Composer users in our community.

Where To Look For Support? Where To Look For Support?

Let’s Get Your Board Let’s Get Your Board

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Visual Composer is now FREE available on WordPress. Get it from Click To Tweet

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