Elementor is one of the best popular plugin in the WordPressWordPress WordPress (WordPress.org) is a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL that is usually used with the MySQL or MariaDB database servers but can also use the SQLite database engine.. It is more user friendly, easy to use and it provides a 200+ in build pages and blocks.

So, Lets start how to use it.

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How to Install How to Install

Elementor is a free plugin which is hosted on WordPress.org. We can install it from various ways.

Install from wp-admin Install from wp-admin

  • Goto Plugins > Add New
  • Add term elementor in the search input field.
  • Click on install button from the Elementor plugin card

See below screenshot for reference:

Install with WP CLI command Install with WP CLI command

If you are WordPress developer or you have some technical knowledge of WP CLI commands then you can install Elementor from WP CLI command.


Use wp plugin install {plugin-slug} to install the Elementor plugin.

See below example:

wp plugin install elementor

Install & Activate

Use --activate flag in the CLI command to install and active the Elementor plugin.

See below example:

wp plugin install elementor --activate

Above command Install & Activate Elementor plugin.

Getting Started Getting Started

After install and activate Elementor first time we see the screen as below:

Elementor Getting Started
Elementor Getting Started

See documentation at https://elementor.com/getting-started/

Create the First Page Create the First Page

If you are on the first screen then click on the button Create Your First Page. It creates a new page and redirects to the edit window.

See below GIF for reference:

Elementor First Page From Getting Started Screen
Elementor First Page From Getting Started Screen


Create it from the admin window.

Click on Templates > Add New

Click on Templates Ad

Select the Template Type and click on Create Template

Now, you can see the same editor window as below:

Using the pre-build template Using the pre-build template

With Elementor we can create a page from scratch or one-click create a pre-build page from the existing template library.

To create a page from pre-build template simply click on the Add Template icon.

You can see the list of all pre-build pages as below:

Click on insert button to insert the template into existing page.

After importing the template simply edit it as per your need.

Using Blocks Using Blocks

Same as creating the new page; we can create a new block with the same steps.

The edit your block as below:

Using pre-build blocks Using pre-build blocks

Same age pre-build template elementor provides the pre-build blocks which are more useful while creating the pages from scratch.

We can use any block from the existing library.

Simply click on Add Template button.

You can see the blocks list as below:

Now, Click on import button from any elementor block.

Then, Edit the imported block content as per your need.

What’s in Elementor Pro What’s in Elementor Pro

Other Products Other Products

Conclusion Conclusion